The purpose of this ministry is to encourage new members to attend the New Membership Orientation class, to provide orientation seminars for children who become new members and to bring new members together where they can get acquainted with the facilities of the church, have a friendly chat with the Pastor and get to know each other. To establish and maintain

communication with the new members to ensure they are equipped with the resources and tools that are essential to grow in the Grace of God. To provide a bridge of support and connect new members with the various ministries and auxiliaries to ensure they gain the knowledge to become actively involved with FBTC.

This ministry meets every quarterly, Saturday at 11:00am at FBTC.



Sis Christine Gordon-Williams - Servant Leader

Bro Ron Alton

Sis Sonya Bradley

Bro Ron Brokenbrough

Sis Darcel Koen - Vice Servant Leader

Sis Lorie Lumpkins - Secretary

Sis Eli Washington