This ministry assist the Pastor in the performance of his duties and minister to the needs of believers through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The ministry meets every 4th Saturday of the month at FBTC.


Bro Ronald O. Brokenbrough

Bro Thommy Ford

Bro Louis Johnson

Bro John Mitchell

Bro Johnny Nelson

Bro L. P. Owens

Bro Minor Washingto,n Jr.

Bro John Williams


This ministry is responsible for enhancing the spiritual matters of the church, and to help foster peace, love, and Christian unity in the membership by witness and deportment.

This ministry meets every 3rd Saturday of the month at FBTC.


Sis Dorothy Brokenbrough

Sis Markie Carter

Sis Lucille Fulgham

Sis Deborah Mitchell

Sis Frankie Paige

Sis Rose Porter

Sis Evelyn Marie Owens

Sis Connie Smith

Sis Vonsetta "Sweet" 

Sis Elinor Washington

Sis Phyllis Williams